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Annie Leigh
Professional Treatments

Reiki means ‘universal life force energy’. It is an ancient hands-on healing technique which is simple, but powerful in its results and the benefits can be felt immediately. Reiki helps to balance the flow of energy throughout the body and so encourages the restoration of health on all levels – physical, mental and emotional.

Physical Benefits:
It accelerates the healing process, by supporting the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

Mental/Emotional Benefits:
It’s a wonderfully relaxing soothing treatment that calms the mind and clears away stress. It can also promote the changing of negativity into positive and productive thought patters.

Whatever your reasons for coming for Reiki, I can help you in the way that is right for you; it’s something everyone should experience

Experience the power of holistic healing!

Annie Leigh offers treatments to suit your needs in the privacy of a lovely treatment room at Apley Farm Shop, Norton, Shropshire TF11 9EF. Sessions include a fully qualified consultation.

(Apley Farm Shop is located in delightful surroundings just off the A442 between Bridgnorth and Telford - please see the Apley Farm Shop website for directions)


Annie is a qualified Reiki practitioner, holding a
Diploma in Reiki 1, 2 and Master.
Insight Natural Health (T.A.T.) Hopi Ear Candling
Diploma I.H.M.

Indian Head Massage
Hopi Ear Candles

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